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De Koninggroep Gas, Oil & Special projects – metal preservation work

For several decades, De Koning Straal- en Schilderwerken has been active in the field of metal preservation, particularly with a focus on large objects. As “co-creator” of various shipyards, initially we put a strong emphasis on shipbuilding.

Over the years, this emphasis drove our evolution into the all-round metal preservation specialist we are today. We are readily available to join in your reflection on the preservation of your valuable means of production, and/or the perception of your clients thereof.

A number of concrete examples:

Aesthetic finish Poortwachter airbase

By applying an antifouling and colourfast coating system, a displayed, historic airplane leaves visitors with an imposing impression. We already preserved a jet fighter, and are currently treating an Allouette helicopter.

Polyurea coatings for van load compartments

An impact-resistant and waterproof plastic layer in the load compartment of a van protects against scratches and facilitates easy cleaning.

Waterborne coatings for locomotives and railway wagons

Using special waterborne coatings, we carry out the renovation of entire locomotives and railway wagons. These products are based on synthetic resin (nylon).

Considering their environmental and application advantages, with great interest do we follow the developments in waterborne products. Our clients value innovation and environmental consciousness, of which this is a part.

Coatings for gas transportation tubes

De Koning is certified to apply two-component polyurethane coatings for de Gasunie and Gas de France, in compliance with standard “EN 10290.”

In high layer thickness these coatings are applied on first-rate applications like throttles and underground and above-ground fuel tubes.

We apply these coatings around the world, both stationary – in blasting and painting halls – as well as on site.

Large blasting hall and painting hall

In our own large blasting hall and painting hall (each 23 x 10 x 10 metres) we carry out metal preservation treatments for a wide range of objects:

  • Machines
  • Locomotives
  • Railway wagons
  • Cherry pickers
  • Excavators
  • Tubes
  • Bridge segments
  • Steel constructions

Environmentally conscious metal preservation

In our halls, objects can be stripped of worn paint layers under environmentally conscious and safe conditions, and preserved under the most ideal circumstances.

Metal preservation specialist De Koning Straal- en Schilderwerken has experience using a wide variety of paint types:

From two-component epoxy coatings to waterborne painting systems. In addition, we process specialised systems without difficulty, such as antifouling, polyurea and fire retardant coatings, amongst others.

On-site blast and spray work

Bridges are generally preserved on site. We have all the equipment required to perform large blasting and preservation projects on site, and we design and construct the screening and accessibility structures for these projects.

Please visit our special products page for more information about special coatings.


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