Yacht building

Part of De Koninggroep: De Koning Marine Service BV

For years on end De Koning Marine Service has been a standard in the world of construction and overhaul of ships and yachts. We have a presence at yards of several large yacht building companies in the Netherlands, and are contracted for mega-yacht paintwork in Barcelona and Marseille on a regular basis.

Our expert people, who are experienced in various disciplines and are equipped with the latest innovations in machinery, take charge of every blasting, filler and application project.

Integral yacht painting (also on your location)

To deliver integral yacht painting – ranging from above- and below-surface hull segments to cabins, tanks, and other parts – we own state-of-the-art blasting and spraying halls, as well as their corresponding equipment. Also for antifouling application we are your partner of choice.

Depending on your wishes, you do not have to come to us. Thanks to our portable equipment we can execute preservation projects on your location.

Craftsmanship and sound quality

“De Koning” is synonymous with craftsmanship and sound quality. Our skilled employees operate professionally within and are empowered by an efficiently managed organisation. We always aim to exceed our clients’ quality demands, while keeping delivery times short.

Propspeed® recommends De Koning

The supplier of Propspeed® recommends De Koning Marine Service for the application of its painting systems on nautical propellers. Propspeed® significantly reduces the fuel consumption of vessels.

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