De Koning & Nederveen Scheepsbouw for blasting, preservation, and paintwork

In Sliedrecht, De Koning & Nederveen conducts various types of abrasive blasting, preservation work, and paintwork. On the premises of IHC Holland Beaver Dredgers we exploit a blasting and spraying hall.


In a climatologically optimised environment we blast large objects and provide them with a high-quality coating system. These objects concern:

  • Ship segments
  • Pontoon beavers
  • Suction hopper dredgers
  • Cutter section dredgers
  • Tubes

In addition, at other yards De Koning & Nederveen preserves vessels of all types, varying from 16 to 260 metres in length.

Vast knowledge and experience create seamless integration

Thanks to its vast experience in shipbuilding, De Koning is well acquainted with the shipbuilding process and yard routines. Our company seamlessly integrates with your organisation.

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