Special products

Special products and coatings

De Koninggroep enjoyed rapid growth in various markets. This is partly thanks to the introduction of innovative techniques and products, such as:

Electrostatic spraying

De Koning has been involved in the final stages of the evolution of electrostatic spraying. This technique uses an electrostatic field to draw paint to an object.

Sponge jetting

Due to a decline in the supply of slag grit from coal-fired power plants, its price saw a dramatic increase. As this is a persistent development, on behalf of various parties and to safeguard the continuity of its own activities, De Koning pursues a number of alternatives.

An example of which is sponge jetting; a blasting process that relies on pre-treated sponges. The technique has existed for some time, but was never economically viable. An advantage of sponge jetting: reduced particle dispersal.

Meeting the latest quality standards

The composition, and as a result quality of products supplied by paint manufacturers change from time to time. This is caused by alterations in the environmental regulations adopted by the European Union and the Dutch government.

On an ongoing basis, De Koninggroep monitors a large number of suppliers and the performance of their applied painting systems. Moreover, we continuously innovate and test the latest products and techniques, never ceasing to pursue the best we can possibly achieve.

Speciale coatings

De Koning maintains good relationships with suppliers of special coatings, such as:

  • Fuel-saving coatings
  • Propspeed®
  • Interspeed
  • Geothermal insulation
  • Shock absorption (ships)
  • Fire-resistant coatings
  • Plastics
  • Waterborne coatings and finishes
  • Tedac
  • Blackboard, whiteboard, and magnetic coatings
  • Two-component polyurea coatings

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